Floral Matching Set for a Toddler

MQ_weesprouts4MQ_weesprouts6MQ_weesprouts1MQ_weesprouts3MQ_weesprouts2MQ_weesprouts8Matching Set: Wee 3 Sprouts – Shoes: Old Navy – Headband: Baby Gems Boutique

I think Scarlett loves this handmade matching set from Wee 3 Sprouts as much as I do… I mean, look at that huge smile! ūüôā Seriously though, when I got this little number in the mail, I just about died. How freakin’ cute?! I love the floral print which is “so Spring” and the ruffles! Btw, the material is extremely soft and stretchy which allowed Scarlett to run around comfortably. Oh and Landon has 2 Wee 3 Sprouts outfits ready for him to wear when he finally decides to make his grand debut!

I don’t even remember how many times Scarlett has worn that white floppy bow headwrap from Baby Gems Boutique! Lol. I love it so much cause it goes with anything. It’s definitely our go to!

*This post is in collaboration with Wee 3 Sprouts. As always, all opinions are my own.

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PrimeTime Scrubs


One thing that¬†I love more than trying out new natural beauty products is trying ones that actually work for me! First of all, how cute is the packaging for these PrimeTime Scrubs products?! Love it. Not to mention¬†their quality products are pretty inexpensive… You definitely get the bang for your buck!

MQ_primetime2Lavender Sugar Scrub

As soon as I opened the jar, the calming lavender scent just spread throughout the room. It seriously smells so¬†good and feels amazing! It literally took me forever to¬†get out of the shower lol. This scrub served it’s purpose of getting rid of dry skin and left my skin feeling so soft and smooth!

Bamboo Mini Spoon

Perfect little thing to use to scoop out the scrub! I like that it’s small so it’s convenient¬†to store and it’s super easy to clean. Also… it’s cute! Lol.

MQ_primetime3Blackberry Pomegranate Polishing Lip Scrub

So this lip scrub is edible… say what?! I’ve tried a good amount of lip scrubs that I have accidentally tasted that for sure were not meant to be tasted lol. Any way, this scrub smells amazing! It’s definitely my new fave that I will be using from now on even if I still have a ton left of the lip scrub I’ve been currently using. It leaves your lips feeling silky smooth. It’s always good to know that it’s natural so I can smother my baby girl with kisses without having to worry about anything.

MQ_primetime4Peppermint Lip Balm

This is such a luscious lip balm that is so worth the price (retails $3.99)! The lip balms that I purchase for that price at the drugstore usually isn’t moisturizing at all. But let me just tell you… this is good stuff! When you put it on, it also gives your lips that tingly feeling. I swear by the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment that I have been using for years but this lip balm works almost as good for just an eighth¬†of the price!

P.S. PrimeTime Scrubs is¬†having a Memorial Day Sale!¬†Get 15% off your entire order today only… use code: MEMORIAL2016!

*This post is in collaboration with PrimeTime Scrubs. As always, all opinions are my own.


The Perfect Hat for Summer

MQ_sdhatco11MQ_sdhatco8MQ_sdhatco9MQ_sdhatco5MQ_sdhatco6Hat: San Diego Hat Company РDress: Brandy Melville (sold out; found similar) РKimono: Foreign Exchange (old) РShoes: Charlotte Russe РSunglasses (old) & Necklace (old): Nordstrom B.P.

I can’t believe I’m officially 40 weeks pregnant! I had my last prenatal appointment today and my OB said I’m still 2 cm dilated (I was the same last week) soooo… we scheduled an induction for next week. I’m really hoping baby boy decides to come before then though!

Any way, I just adore that¬†hat from a local company called the San Diego Hat Company! I’m really picky when it comes to hats and this one has easily become my new favorite. I was actually surprised it fit me perfectly since¬†I usually have a hard time finding hats that aren’t too big and loose. Now I’m really excited for summer time when I can wear this hat¬†at the beach! ūüôā

Oh btw,¬†that black swing dress from Brandy Melville is my all time favorite dress! That is my 2nd one actually since¬†the 1st one I had got¬†so faded during my first pregnancy cause I wore it so many times haha. It’s so loose and comfy that I can still wear it at 40 weeks pregnancy. It’s one of those closet staples that you can just throw on whenever and either dress up or down. Literally, I wear it to run errands and I’ve worn it to a party!

P.S. Please pray that Landon decides to come soon!! Lol. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

*This post is in collaboration with the San Diego Hat Company. As always, all opinions are my own.

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OPI – “Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore”


Happy Due Date to me! Scarlett came on her exact due date¬†but¬†it seems like Landon is really comfy in my belly lol. I might have to give him the eviction notice soon haha ūüôā¬†

Ok so, nails… Like I mentioned last week in my previous mani post, I’ll be sticking to nude, neutral polishes until after I give birth. I don’t know when the next¬†time I’ll be able to do my nails and with the nude colors, they won’t look as bad chipped than bright, bold colors.

I love this light¬†peachy pink nude¬†by OPI called “Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore.” It has a shiny, satin finish. It’s one of those formulas that can get streaky when applying but what helps me is having¬†a generous amount of polish on the brush and then quickly spread it around¬†my nail (obviously not too much polish cause you don’t want to have too thick of a coat).

P.S. I’m still doing¬†the same routine for my¬†manicure at home. Here is the post that shows all the products I use and what I do step by step. I know I said this last week but… seriously, I hope that this is my last mani I have to redo before I give birth LOL. Last week’s mani was starting to look like a hot mess which explains this post haha.


Mama Items You Need in Your Hospital Bag


In honor of my due date tomorrow, I wanted to share some essential items that I have packed in my hospital bag! They are basically the same things I brought for my first pregnancy ūüôā

A Comfy Plush Robe

Being comfortable is key so bringing a plush robe is a must. I suggest bringing one that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of after since you will be using it in the hospital. Last year, I brought the one I wore every day at home¬†then just bought a new one after I gave birth.

Phone Charger

I think this is a must in any situation! Right? Lol. I checked in to the hospital 14 hours before I actually gave birth so there was obviously lots of down time where I was on my phone.

Favorite DVDs

To feel more comfortable, I brought 6 of my favorite “feel good” movies¬†and just had my husband rotate through them all during my hospital stay. I just liked to have them playing in the background. Bride Wars is one of my all-time favorite chick flicks!


Ok basically you can’t eat anything except jello and water during active labor (or at least that’s what they gave me lol)… then you have to PUSH and BREATHE in a room full of nurses and doctors plus your hubby and whoever else you have in there… one word: MINTS.


Most of us already have cameras on our phones but since I started blogging I splurged on a new camera that I for sure will be taking with me to the hospital. I can’t wait to take Landon’s pictures in his going-home outfit! ūüôā

Non Skid Socks

Like the robe, bring some that you don’t mind getting rid of after. I used to teach Pure Barre and we wore these socks for class so thankfully, I have a bunch of them. When I was trying to suck it up without the epidural for a couple hours, I walked around the hospital halls with Leo in these socks and my robe. I didn’t want anything to do with shoes, especially since my feet were swollen. This time around, no swollen feet… yay!

Travel Size Toiletries

Of course, I have to pack my favorite Philosophy products and I’m glad I have the travel size! I suggest hitting up that section at Target with all the travel sized items and stock up! We have so much to pack in the bag already and I assure you that you won’t be using up a full size bottle of face wash during your stay. Oh, and don’t forget a bunch of hair ties! I’m sure you won’t want your hair all over your face when you’re huffing and puffing to get¬†that baby out haha.

Loose/Maternity Clothing

You’d definitely want to bring your comfiest clothes. I packed my favorite oversized t-shirts and maternity leggings. Let’s just say Landon will be the only one dressed to impress when we are ready to go home! Lol.

Fellow mamas and mamas-to-be: am I missing anything?! Let me know!

13254100_10101296951875040_4086394932152777341_nBag: San Diego Hat Company


The Reason Why My Bun is Messy

MQ_staticgrey4MQ_staticgrey3^^This is her “sad” face lol. She was sad when we told her to stop running away from us haha.MQ_staticgrey6MQ_staticgrey7MQ_staticgrey5Onesie: Static Grey – Tutu: Joe Fresh (sold out) – Shoes: Old Navy (sold out) – Headband: Harper’s Bowzaar (no longer on Etsy; found similar)

This onesie totally makes me LOL cause it’s so true! Scarlett actually likes to play with my hair now and mess up my bun even more… if that’s even possible haha. This onesie is from a small shop on Etsy that Scarlett is a brand rep for called Static Grey. They have a bunch of other cute options that have¬†hilarious sayings on them too! They all come in onesies and t-shirt versions. The owner of the shop was so nice¬†enough to send Landon a newborn onesie too… how sweet! I can’t wait to take his pictures wearing it.

To doll up the outfit, I decided to pair the onesie with¬†a black layered tutu (that we got as a gift) and her white gladiator sandals.¬†The leopard headwrap is also from a small shop on Etsy called Harper’s Bowtique that is actually no longer on Etsy. I got it¬†for her last year¬†and as her head gets bigger, I just stretch it out a bit haha. I linked one that looks almost exactly the same from Baby Gem’s Boutique.


We took these pictures at a park and I’m so thankful my husband was there to chase her around while I took the pictures. Usually I take her pictures by myself when he’s at work but now at 39.5 weeks pregnant, I’m really restricted. She’s probably faster than me right now too and knows it lol.¬†My hubby Leo¬†is also the one behind the camera for all my blog photos… Shoutout to my amazing¬†instagram/blog husband!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.51.55 PM    il_570xN.1003043831_to57