Staying Hydrated with Ello Products


Omg you guys, my whole family (with the exception of Liam… thank goodness) has been sick all weekend! Thank goodness we are on the verge of getting better but it was not fun! One of the main important things when you’re sick is to stay hydrated of course so I’m glad Ello Products sent their awesome water bottles for each of us! What I love the most, besides how they look, is that they’re clean, safe, and toxin free. Major plus for this mama. Scarlett is just obsessed with hers that has a soft straw that pops out when you press the button haha.


My husband and I loved this gray glass water bottle but I got the dibs on it, duh! Haha. There’s just something about glass bottles that make water taste better… lol I’m so serious. I love the cover it has too because it makes it easy to grip! I definitely kept this bottle filled up with water and by my side at all times to make sure I stayed hydrated while I was sick. It was super helpful and I’m almost 100% better… whew!

P.S. You definitely need an Ello water bottle in your life… they’re available at Target too! OH click here to shop my workout leggings… obsessed!

*This post was in collaboration with Ello. As always, all opinions are my own. 


3 Looks From Pinkblush


If you haven’t heard of Pinkblush yet, you’re missing out… especially if you’re a mama! They offer so many cute, trendy & affordable clothing for moms-to-be, nursing moms and women in general! I had the opportunity to takeover their Instagram stories on Saturday and it was a blast! In case you missed it, here are the 3 looks that you can wear from morning to night that I shared plus the direct links to shop them 🙂

pinkblush_pajamas2MORNING & NIGHT: This pajama set is not only super cute but SO comfy! It’s a nice change from sweats and a loose tee haha.

pinkblush_buttonsweater1DAY: I love this sweater, the buttons on the side add such a nice extra touch. I got so many compliments on it already! OH and PS. These jeans are my new fave and they’re 50% off!

pinkblush_golddress2 NIGHT: This dress just screams holiday party, am I right?! And it’s also stretchy!!! I’m such a fan of style and comfort and this is perf.

These outfits will be on repeat for me for the rest of the holiday season! Sorry not sorry. Lol. Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂


Yes, It’s a Diaper Bag!


I know what you’re thinking… YES, this is a diaper bag by Lily Jade! I couldn’t believe it myself because it’s so stylish and the quality is amazing! What I love the most is that it comes with an insert which has a ton of pockets for storage. During the work week, I take out the insert and use it as a work bag. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it too… even from my high school students haha. It comes with a strap as well that can transform this bag into a messenger bag AND backpack. So awesome! I’m beyond obsessed.

You gotta check Lily Jade out! They offer a ton of other styles that come in different colors. I totally want one of their tan leather bags. They also make great gifts! Lily Jade is having an amazing Holiday Sale! All bags are discounted plus free shipping on any accessory with code FREESHIP!

P.S. My diaper bag is always stocked with Bambo Nature diapers and Smilo Baby products!

*This post was in collaboration with Lily Jade. As always, all opinions are my own.


Winter in San Diego Be Like…

vibeco3vibeco2vibeco5-1vibeco1vibeco4-1Top: Vibe Apparel Co. – Pants: Old Navy – Shoes: Merona – Bag: BP (similar)- Watch: DW

So this is what winter looks like in San Diego… it’s still looking like Fall but I ain’t complaining because look how gorgeous the trees look! This past week has been so hot during the day and SO cold at night (East Coast peeps can argue with me though about that haha). Any way, I am loving this Bell Sleeve Top from Vibe Apparel Co. Bell sleeves are so in right now and super cute, especially when there’s 3 layers! Obsessed. Know what’s even better? It’s ONLY $16! Such. A. Steal.

Ladies, you gotta check out their online store, there are so many adorable pieces AND they don’t break the bank!

Happy almost Friday! Thanks for stopping!

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Tiles are Lifesavers


OMG, you guys, if you constantly misplace your keys (and everything else) like I do then you need Tile! I mean, thank goodness iPhones have Find My iPhone because that’s a whole ‘nother story lol. Any way, you’re probably wondering what Tile is? They’re bluetooth devices that you can put on your keys or in your wallet, purse, laptop bag, etc. that you can locate via an app on your phone (as long as it’s in 100 foot radius). Um… genius!!! You can even see a map to see it’s last known location. Ever since I got Tile Style & Sport combo pack, my husband and I have used them a bunch of times already to find our keys lol. My mommy brain (and his daddy brain) is on another level. For my wallet, I use the Tile Slim which fits perfectly in a card slot.

Some super cool features on top of that is that they are good for a whole year without any upkeep and when it’s time to replace them, you get a discount with the warranty. You can also find your phone by pressing on your Tile twice and it will ring, even when it’s on silent! MAJOR PLUS. That beats having to get my laptop to sign on to iCloud or grabbing my husband’s phone to pull up the Find My iPhone app.

You guys need a tile (or 2, maybe 3) in your life! They make great gifts too. I know so many people who could use a few of these lol. I need about a million more. I’m seriously considering of putting one in Scarlett’s stuffed animal that she has to sleep with every day and we lose it all the time! Haha.


*This post was in collaboration with Tile. As always, all opinions are my own.


Affordable Liquid Lipsticks


Omg, I’m so obsessed with these kissable liquid lipsticks by Kokie Cosmetics! If I didn’t know how much they were ($7 each), I would think they were at least double that amount. I mean, the packaging is super cute too! The product goes on so smoothly with intense color. A major plus for me is that they didn’t make my lips super dry as most liquid lipsticks do. My favorite one of this trio is “Sublime” because it matches my skin tone the most and that shade is one of my go-to colors. When I wore it, I got a ton of compliements!

You guys have to check Kokie Cosmetics out and stock up on your liquid lipsticks since they’re so affordable. They come in 28 colors!

*This post was in collaboration with Kokie Costmetics via Octoloy. As always, all opinions are my own.