Fitness Journey Update


I’m officially in Week 3 of my BBG workout program! I started this program a couple months ago as soon as I was cleared to workout after my postpartum appointment… but as a new mom of 3, it was hard to get my workouts in while trying to get used to our new normal as a family of 5. So instead I just started adjusting my diet and started incorporating more of what I used to eat before I got pregnant. (Side note: I’m typically a pretty healthy eater but I don’t hold back when I’m preggo. I’m “that one” that uses pregnancy as an excuse to satisfy my cravings haha. Don’t judge).

Now that I’ve finally had a good amount of time to get used to a (somewhat) consistent schedule with mom/wife life, work, blog and me time… it was time to get this BBG workout program off my check list! I downloaded the Sweat App this time around which was made by the BBG founder, Kayla Itsines, and it’s SO helpful. It offers different workout plans, a workout schedule, a forum to chat with others doing BBG, an option to play your iTunes music within the app, and more! It does cost $20 a month but it’s so worth it especially if you can’t make it to the gym so it’s actually less than what I used to pay for my LA Fitness membership. You can try it for 7 days free too! And no, this isn’t a sponsored post… haha.

Any way, a lot of moms ask me how I find the time to work out as a working mom/blogger with 3 kids. What helped a lot recently is that my husband and I started plugging in our “me time” in our shared calendar which includes working out and whatever else we want to do. You just gotta stick to it as much as possible (while being open to changes of course) and help each other out by holding the other person accountable.

My scheduled workout time is 7am but it’s been closer to 8am lately because Liam has been waking up in the middle of the night but the most important thing is just getting it done! I prefer to workout in the morning but with the kids, I’ve had to work out even closer to midnight some times just to get my workout in. So for those busy mamas wanting to workout… plan it out with your significant others and drink a little caffeine if you need a boost of energy because trust me, most of the time when my husband gets home, I just want to stuff my face with ice cream and be a couch bum haha! No matter how tired I’ve been though, I have never ever regretted a workout once I was done with it!

I’ll be sharing updates on my fitness journey here so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it 🙂


7 thoughts on “Fitness Journey Update

  1. I’ve followed Kayla for years and have loved seeing the progress in all her BBG workouts, I haven’t joined it yet but definitely incorporating some of the workouts and meals she shares on her Instagram into my gym time and meals! Excited to hear more about how you go! x


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