Diapers and Wipes by Signature Care™

safeway4This blog has been sponsored by Safeway/Albertsons but all opinions are my own.

When it comes to baby diapers and wipes, I only want the best for my kids. I look for products that are gentle enough for their sensitive skin. The diapers also need to be super absorbent so that they don’t have to wake up to leaks. Another major factor is that they are cost effective, with 3 kids things can start to get expensive, especially the things we use the most everyday. We’ve been using Safeway’s Signature Care™ Diapers and Wipes (and even their formula) in my household for the past couple of months and they definitely live up to my standards: gentle on baby’s skin, extremely absorbent and they’re affordable!

The Signature Care™ diapers are good quality and so soft. It feels like they’re super comfortable to wear. They have a yellow wetness indicator strip in the middle that turns blue when they’re wet… major plus! They also live up to the 12-hour leakage that Signature Care™ advertises. I just love the design on them too! The Signature Care™ wipes are thick and durable yet soft and smooth with a light fresh scent. What’s great is that they are also hypoallergenic and contain aloe extract and Vitamin E, which is known to be soothing to babies’ skin.


In addition to the Signature Care™ diapers and wipes, Liam got to try the Signature Care™ Infant Formula (with iron) too. He’s been used to Enfamil and the Signature Care™ formula is definitely comparable. It was a smooth transition and he didn’t have any stomach aches or changes in his behavior. It also compares to the nutrition of Enfamil, which was reassuring! It contains DHA and Choline to help support brain development, and is non-GMO. The Signature Care™ Infant Formula with Iron definitely gets this mama’s approval!

Signature Care™ products can be found at your Safeway and Albertsons stores!


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