My Favorite Apps

ghostekcasevibeco_dress-1Phone Case: Ghostek – Dress: Vibe Apparel Co.

Happy 2nd day of 2018 everyone! In honor of my new Ghostek phone case, I wanted to share some of my favorite apps that you definitely need to download stat 🙂

Mamas: The Wonder Weeks (A personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby.. SO helpful)

Photo: Photoshop Fix (I do all of my editing on Adobe Lightroom on my laptop but if I want to post a picture ASAP on IG, I use this app by Adobe)

Finance: Cash App (It’s like venmo but better! What’s great about it is that you’re able to transfer it,3 instantly to your bank account with a small 5% fee)

Blog Related: (I’m sure you’ve seen this on your fave blogger’s instagram so if you don’t have it yet, you need it! It makes it so much easier to get their outfit deets cause they’re sent to your e-mail as soon as you “LIKE” or screenshot the picture. Follow me @rainaelegado)

E-mail: Unroll.Me (This helps clean up your inbox to get rid of the unwanted e-mail blasts that you probably subscribed to awhile ago but no longer want anymore)

Instagram: Hype Type (Love this for my IG stories! You can create creative videos with the text, makes it look more profesh)

Productivity: Forest (I shared this app in my previous post since it’s helping me achieve my New Year’s resolution which is being more present. Read more about it here)

Groceries: Shopping List Ease (Due to my over spending at Target, my hubby now makes me bring a shopping list LOL. I love this app because it separates the grocery item by category)

P.S. My phone case is from Ghostek! I love it because it’s sleek, simple, not too thick but is so protective. This is coming from someone who drops their phone often lol. Dress is from Vibe Apparel Co… only $15!